enlists, enlisting, enlisted
1) V-ERG If someone enlists or is enlisted, they join the army, navy, marines, or air force.

[V in n] Michael Hughes of Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, enlisted in the 82nd Airborne 20 years ago...

[V as n] He enlisted as a private in the Mexican War...

[be V-ed] Three thousand men were enlisted...

He decided to enlist.

2) VERB If you enlist the help of someone, you persuade them to help or support you in doing something.

[V n] I had to cut down a tree and enlist the help of seven neighbours to get it out of the garden!...

[V n to-inf] I've read that you've enlisted some 12-year-olds to help out in your campaign...

[V n to-inf] The prince has also enlisted his two daughters in the effort to avoid the press.

English dictionary. 2008.

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